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March 28, 2022

Dear NYSASWM Member

In 2017, the NYSASWM Board of Director adopted two programs that would provide grant monies for research work and internships.

The research program aims to promote improved or more efficient solid waste management practices and would provide funding to solid waste programs and/or educational institutions to explore nono standard methods in the handling of solid waste and/or its ancillary products or services. Other options for research activity could be to investigate solid waste management practices to help solid waste managers in considering program feasibility as it relates to future planning, or to provide additional information in response to New York State’s environmental goals. Facilities and educational institutions located in NYS could request funding for specific research applicable to their situation.

The internship program adopted intends to attract new talent to the field of solid waste management. The internship grant would provide funding for interns to assist in solid waste projects or studies. The internship grant would provide financial assistance to solid waste entities that hire one or more interns to complete a specific project/study, resulting in the improvement of operations or programs. The project or study proposed should have general relevance to the field of waste management, waste reduction or recycling. Specifics will then be shared with the NYSASWM membership through presentations at conferences and written reports to the Board, to improve the management of solid waste systems and programs statewide. Additionally, this program will expose interns to the solid waste management field for potential future career interest. Each internship can be awarded an amount not to exceed $8,000.

As an added benefit, the two programs (research and internship) could potentially be combined and awarded to one entity.

The NYSASWM Board of Directors will at this time accept requests for research grants and internships for the Board’s consideration at the May 22, 2022 meeting of the NYSASWM Board. For consideration of Research and/or Internship Grants please fill out the attached application form(s) and submit to Executive Director Jeff Bouchard at the address below [C/0 NYSAC] or via e-mail at The deadline for submission is May 6, 2022.

For more information on these programs contact Jeff Bouchard at (518) 568-2095 or myself at
(315) 733-1224 Ext. 1700 or via email at


William A. Rabbia

Grant Applications:

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