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Development Authority of the North Country Updates

sm_sil_3Waste Management Facility, gives us a look at their measures to control landfill gas and stormwater management. In a continuous effort to maximize landfill gas collection, as well as control odors and minimize leachate generation, the facility has undergone extensive upgrades to our landfill with permanent capping over 7 acres, temporary capping over 11 acres and the installation of 37 vertical extraction wells and five horizontal collectors, including the use of “drain tube collectors.” This has  increased our gas collection by more than 20%, reduced oxygen levels and allowed for a more consistent well field production. In addition to these positive impacts, electrical generation from the LFGTE plant has increased. The Authority has also improved stormwater control with the construction of additional settling areas, (fore-bays with veg-etative filters), that have substantially improved the stormwater outflow to the main settling pond before release. The Authority held another successful Annual Open House to showcase the improvements and allow the public to tour the entire facility. This has been beneficial in educating the public to the intricate operations and complexities of managing solid waste for the region.